Image by Viva Luna Studios

Intuitive Oracle Card Session

Using multiple oracle decks your Inner Wisdom is your own best counselor. By following a sequence of prompts, your Higher Knowing will be your guide and give yourself the best reading you've ever had. 

15 minutes $30    *    30 minutes $45   *   60 minutes $80   *   90 minutes $110

Girl in Therapy

Spiritual Counseling/ Life Coachhing

Work through any challenges or goals you may have removing blocks from all levels of consciousness - mental, emotional, psychological, social & spiritual.  

               30 minutes $45   *   60 minutes $80

Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden

Sound Bath Healing

Personalized Sound Bath Healing with use of crystal singing bowls and tuning forks for ultimate relaxation & restoration at the cellular level. Done over Zoom still allows for interaction and is tailored to your personal needs. 

30 minutes $45    *    60 minutes $80

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