Sleeping Baby



In this 4 week online class, you will:

Conjure a Sleeping Potion

Whether it's special massage oil, an essential oil room spray or an herbal tea, sleeping potions can bring pure magic into your bedtime routine.

What will you put in your potion?  Perhaps real dragon scales as pictured here (lapis and tourmaline chips), mermaid scales, fairy dust, angel wing feathers...  The possibilities are endless.

You will write the recipe during class and then gather the ingredients on your own, bottle it up and share it in the next class.  There is plenty of time for sharing and gathering ideas for labels, potions, etc during class time. 

Write Your Own Nightime Verse or Prayer

When we challenge ourselves to bring forth our own wisdom as a parent, our parenting deepens.  We feel more powerful, more effective, more confident and more purposeful in our role as a parent.

Often, we can feel overwhelmed or not skilled enough to actually author our own parenthood, but trust me, you can!

With the help of the class and a little guidance, it's easier than you think!  Even the most creatively blocked parents can surprise themselves.  There's lots of encouragement and feedback along the way.  

Establish A Solid, yet Magical Bedtime Routine

By the time bedtime rolls around, many of us are just plain worn out.  We may just wish the kids would put themselves to bed and stay there.  

By adding a bit of magic to the end of your day, you can rest assured that you've done your part to the best of your ability. 

By establishing a rhythm that works for your family, you will start to actually look forward to your nighttime rituals.  Promise. 

The rhythm will be founded in good child development practices and promote healthy sleep and wellbeing in your child.  

This is an online Zoom Class that consists of four 90 minute classes.  The class size is limited to 25 participants so we'll have a chance to get to know each other and interact and share.  There will be breakout sessions to get feedback and connect with other parents in the course.


This course is focused on the young child and is for parents with children ages 7 and under.   


This class is appropriate for all faiths and spiritual belief systems.  Since you are the author, you will be able to tailor your family's belief system into your routines and rituals.  The class will hold a tone of acceptance for all faiths and beliefs.  

You must provide all your own materials during this class.  The class will give instruction, then you will have time to brainstorm within the group and come up with ideas that will best fit your family situation.  During the week you will have time to execute your plan and then come to the next class ready to share your products or to refine them and get feedback from the group.  

We often have such good intentions on our own as parents, but until we have a deadline and a group of people to share it with and be held accountable a lot of those ideas stay as just that... ideas.  This group will inspire, comfort, and support you in bringing your magic into reality and being able to share it with your children.  

Who's teaching?

Hi, I'm Angelina.  I've been bouncing around the early childhood field for over 30 years.  I've been teaching parenting classes for many of those years and have owned a preschool, raised my own children, and continue to love to inspired parents to tap into their own wisdom.  We're going to have lots of fun during this class and the inspiration that will emerge from a whole group of parents focused on bringing magic to their children will leave you and me both in utter amazement.  I am always left in awe of parents and their unending creative gifts.   

Classes start on June 1st, 2020.

Classes held  4 consecutive Mondays

Class is from 8:00 - 9:30 pm EST

Bedtime Magic

Bedtime Magic


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